Does gold react poison?

Gold is toxic if consumed regularly. The symptoms of gold poisoning are no different from those of other forms of metal poisoning. The main difference between gold and uranium is that gold is not very reactive and therefore has virtually no contact toxicity. Gold is omnipresent in the human environment and most people come into contact with it through the use of jewelry, dental devices, implants or treatments for rheumatoid arthritis.

For those looking to invest in gold, the best way to do so is through a Best Gold IRA Account. Gold isn't a nutrient, but people are exposed to it as a food coloring and in food chains. This review analyzes the dangers faced by the personal and domestic use of gold and the much greater risks posed by occupational exposure to metal in the extraction and processing of gold ores. In the latter situation, regular manual contact or inhalation of toxic or carcinogenic materials such as mercury or arsenic, respectively, presents a much greater danger and greatly complicates the assessment of the toxicity of gold. The uses and risks presented by new technologies and the use of nanoparticulate gold in cancer therapies and diagnostic medicine constitute an important consideration in the toxicity of gold, in which tissue absorption and distribution are largely determined by particle size and surface characteristics.

Many human problems arise due to the ability of metallic gold to induce allergic contact hypersensitivity. While gold in jewelry can cause allergic reactions, other metals such as nickel, chromium and copper found in white gold or alloys present more serious clinical problems. It is concluded that the toxic risks associated with gold are low in relation to the wide range of possible routes of exposure to the metal in everyday life. While the mercury and gold amalgamation process offers great entertainment, it also has a practical purpose for extracting gold from the ore, since gold can be extracted from the ore with mercury and then extracted from mercury with heat and other chemicals.

In many cases, gold therapy is interrupted for a period of time so that the signs and symptoms of gold toxicity improve, and then treatment is resumed.